Carrot, pear, apple, fennel
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Hellth insurance
Lemon, cayenne pepper, Fuji apple, ginger, filtered water
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Watermelon, apple
12oz    $8.00
16oz    $8.75

Lemon twist
Fresh lemonade of the day
12oz    $6.25
16oz    $8.00

If the glove fits
Pure fresh squeezed OJ
12oz    $6.25
16oz    $8.00

Liquid salad
Kale, spinach, parsley, Celery, cucumber
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Hell's kitchener
Carrot, ginger, apple
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Carrot, ginger, beet, pineapple, orange
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Turmeric, lemon, ginger, pink grapefruit, orange
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Body cleanser
Lemon, cilantro, ginger, baby arugula, apple
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75

Flu shot
Kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger
12oz    $8.25
16oz    $9.75


Boo Berry
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, vanilla almond milk, vanilla whey protein
16oz   $8.95

Zingy Açai
Açai, coconut milk, lemon, banana, strawberries
16oz   $9.75

Açai Deluxe
Açai, blueberries, walnuts, chia seed, maca powder, banana, agave, coconut milk
16oz   $9.75


Clean Protein
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, hemp protein, hemp seeds, almond milk
16oz    $8.95

Mango cleanser
Greek yogurt, turmeric, mango, ginger,
Medjool dates, vanilla almond milk
16oz   $8.95

Green machine
Kale, spinach, pineapple, mango, banana
16oz   $8.95

What the hell
Mangoes, banana, avocado, orange juice, Medjool dates
16oz   $8.95

Collagen Glow™
Banana, pistachios, collagen protein, coconut, kale, spinach, Medjool dates, coconut milk
16oz   $9.95

Gym buddy
Banana, peanut butter,
chocolate almond milk, vanilla whey protein
16oz   $8.95

Super smoothie
Banana, peanut butter, Medjool dates,
hemp protein, chia seeds, vanilla almond milk
16oz   $8.95

Energy booster
Banana, peanut butter, raw cacao, cinnamon,
hemp protein, Medjool dates, almond milk
16oz   $8.95


$1.50 boost to any smoothie: hemp seed, flax seed, chia seeds, whey protein, vegan protein

$3.00 Collagen protein boost


Freshly prepared, please check with us what was cooked today.
Small    $6.50
Large   $7.50


Choose any soup of the day, and half a sandwich from the following selection: Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Brie & Pear, Avocado & Swiss, Fresh Mozzarella, Hum-V (vegan)

Small Soup PLUS 1/2 Sandwich


Spring mix, plus basil or balsamic vinaigrette on a side, with 2 or 3 of the following toppings:

Chicken salad, Beets salad, Tuna salad, Mozzarella salad, Couscous, Greek salad, Corn salad, Egg salad, Three Bean salad.

Small      $8.50
Large     $9.75


Large Soup PLUS 1/2 Sandwich



(baguette, multigrain, or gluten-free)


Chicken salad
Lettuce, avocado, roasted peppers, sprouts


Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella


Fresh mozzarella
Tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil

Avocado, swiss
Tomato, baby arugula, sprouts

Tuna salad
Tuna salad, tomato, baby arugula

Turkey, avocado
Lettuce, tomato, honey mustard

Ham, swiss
Lettuce, tomato

Salami, fresh mozzarella
Lettuce, tomato, roosted peppers

Brie, pear
Baby arugula

Hummus, roasted peppers, cucumbers, baby arugula, sprouts

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